Thursday, October 14, 2010

Soccer Technique: How To Kick The Ball

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There are many different ways of kicking the ball. In order to kick the ball to the direction that we want, it requires high level of skills. Kicking methods can be divided as follows;

Kick the ball by using foot instep

When using foot instep to kick, make sure that the foot you use be fully bent downward and the foot instep should fully touch the ball. Once the foot touch the ball, the ball have to skim to the ground. Importantly when you kick the ball, if position if the knee is too much lean forward to the ball?s position, the direction of the ball will heading down, and then touch the ground before it reach target, which effect to the ball speed. On the other hand, if the knee is too much lean backward to the ball?s position when kicking, the ball will rise up and not go to the desired direction. Therefore, you have to make sure that the knee is in the right direction, not too forward and backward. The foot that not use for kick, put it beside the ball and make sure it is away form the ball around 4-12 inches. Focus on the ball all the time you are kicking.

Run and kick

Run and kick is often use during the game and this method of kicking is quite difficult to do as you seem to have no time to do the kick exactly as instructions. However, The right position when you have to kick while you are running, make sure that you are close to the ball as much as possible. Put the standing foot beside the ball and bend down your knee a little bit, your shoulders and head slightly lean forward. Swing the leg that use for kick fully stretch. Your head should bend down until you kick the ball completely, and always focus on the target that you want to kick to ball to.

Kick the ball by using inside of the foot

This figure is the simplest method to kick the ball, often used when we need to pass the ball to others, because by using this method, you can control the direction of the ball completely and it has the most accuracy. To do this figure, bend down both of your knees a bit when kicking and push the kicking leg follow through after touch the ball.

Kick the ball by using heel

This method of kicking mostly used for trick the person who try to snatch the ball from you and this method is very simple. Firstly, you have to step or jump over the ball, pretending you want to carry the ball forward, then immediately use the heel to punch the ball, pass it to the back direction. This figure require a bit of skills and accuracy when you use heel to kick the ball, because at a time of kicking the ball will be at your back and will not be able to see it. So you need to estimate about the ball?s position in order to kick it correctly.

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2010 Soccer World Cup South Africa

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South Africa has been given the opportunity to host the world's greatest event in 2010. Since, South Africa is a country in Africa, many people are skeptic about the prospects of a SA Soccer World Cup. However, South Africa is in MANY respects a developed country with a modern infrastructure and economy. Many areas in SA will match the average American neighborhood. The average South African is far better off than the average African, but the wealth inequality is huge - especially between rich and poor - black and white - although, after apartheid, more than two million black people entered the middle class. It's good to see that so many black people (although it's only a small portion of the black population) take now part in the economy. It's important for the stability of the country. The black middle class is one of the reasons why SA has it's longest run of economic growth in its history.

People's main concern is the safety and security situation in South Africa. As a resident of the beautiful city of Cape Town, I can assure you that the tourist areas are really safe to visit. Yes, crime against tourists have been reported like anywhere else in the world. Just take common sense precautions and you'll be fine. South Africa is a magnificent and diverse country and the scenery absolutely prolific. It's the closet you'll get to paradise! Visit South Africa in 2010 - you'll be surprised how developed, friendly, diverse and beautiful this country is!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

How To Play Your Favorite Game Of Soccer With High Blood Pressure?

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The laws of blood pressure can be compared to the laws of waves in an ocean. It is difficult to measure their intensity and the exact time of arrival. Similarly, the causes of the high blood pressure are till today a mystery. Serious guesswork is going on, but nothing is known. But one thing is certain. When you have an attack of high blood pressure you feel awful. Given the background of its misdeeds, that it is capable of making you paralytic, give heart diseases and heart attacks, result in failure of kidneys, it is most feared. It needs to be taken care off well in time. Why not try the methods of recreation?

Should you control your physical activities if you are a blood pressure patient? Not at all. The control is required elsewhere. What are the reasons for you to have high blood pressure? You are the best judge of it. It is taught in the college of self education, where your mind is your Principal. Your doctor can give his opinion on the basis of the data that you are going to provide to him.

Being a high blood pressure patient, can you play soccer? As man of positive thinking, I would say, definitely yes, if your blood pressure is due to stress. Stress is one of the major causes of blood pressure. And soccer is such a wonderful game, to beat it.

The beauty of the game of soccer is that, this game provides you 90 minutes of great physical and mental activity. It is a fast moving and quick thinking game. You have many opponents to tackle and you can only use your feet and head to hit the ball. There are moves and counter moves, push and pulls, the shouts and the applause from the gallery, the dominant will to score goals and win. So many important emotions are involved in the game of soccer.

This brisk activity of soccer washes off most of the impurities within your body in the form of perspiration. Therefore, you see majority, nay all of the soccer players hale and hearty and possess excellent stamina. If they have temporary hypertension, it may be due to their team not scoring the goal, and if once the objective is achieved, you can see the cheerful disposition in their smiling faces, with no pressure at all!

It is pleasure instead!

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Soccer Punting - The Good And The Bad

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Everybody loves money and money can be the driven factor to make us work hard. There are many ways of making money, be it online or even offline.

In this article, I am going to educate you how you can make huge money from soccer punting, something like investing in stocks and shares. This investment involves a lot of risk. But the risk can be minimized if you know what you are doing. What game to bet on and when to bet. In fact, everything we do involves risk. It's only a matter of minimizing the risk.

I have been involved in soccer punting for more than 12 years and I can say that I am now making a steady stream of income from the bookmakers. It all comes with experience. My earlier days of soccer punting are a nightmare because I don't know how to analyze and look at the game. I have lost lots of money and nearly went bankrupt. But I never give up and try my very best to find a way to beat the system. I tried and studied many ways and try to find signals in the odds which are being offered by the bookmakers. I jot down every single movement of the odds and studied. After few years of loosing money in soccer punting, I finally make my break through. I have found the secrets of the odds being offered by the bookmakers.

Bookmakers know what's the outcome of the game will be and if we can also roughly know what the outcome of the game will be, it will be big fat bonus for us. It's like discovering a gold mind!!

I will share one secret that I have found after years of studying the odds. I wrote a guide on "Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine". It is my pleasure after all these years of hard work, it finally pays of by discovering the few secret signals that bookmakers don't want you to know. If you are thinking of making serious money from the bookmaker, I would recommend you to read this guide. You can get it from and I don't know how long it will be there until I get ban from the bookmakers for revealing this secret.

As I promised earlier, I will share one secret. This is a powerful signal to look out for. It is called the Fixed Match Signal. Believe it or not, most soccer games are fixed. Most of the big clubs around the world are being sponsored by the bookmakers. So what makes you think that the bookmakers don't already know the outcome of the result? Here's the secret - If a strong team playing at home ground against a much weaker team and the strong team did not even give a handicap, this game is as good as a fixed match for the strong team not to win. This is to lure punters to take on the strong team which is playing at home ground. But don't be fooled by this kind of odds. Have faith to bet against the strong team if this kind of odds occurs.

Do check out my guide "Make Your Bookie Your ATM Machine". You will not want to miss out on all the signals that I have discovered.

Author is a soccer analyst, marketer and a writer in internet marketing and soccer punting.

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