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Soccer Tricks

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Everyone loves Soccer tricks!

Ronaldinho the soccer player probably has the best soccer tricks in the game at the moment but it is worth checking out some other soccer players as their soccer moves are also outstanding. Brazil soccer fans will claim to have the most famous player in the world, Ronaldinho and there is no doubt he is a hard man to beat.

Here are some other players famous for their soccer tricks.....

George Best

The late George Best could do anything with a ball in his prime, indeed you would often think that the ball was tied to his foot with a piece of string! He had pace, skill and could play with both feet.


Brazil soccer fans have another hero in Pele ! The famous Pele scored over 1000 career goals and had a variety of soccer tricks to display. At the age of 17 he scored a wonderful goal in the 1958 world cup final when he beat 2 defenders and chipped the ball over their head to volley home!

And who could forget the famous " dummy" in the 1970 World cup finals when he fooled the goalkeeper!

Johan Cruyff

What a player the Dutch had in the majestic Johan Cruyff! He could anything with the ball and in his prime was part of the Dutch total football team who reached two consecutive world cup finals in 1974 and 1978 . Famous for the soccer trick called the "Cruyff" turn where he dips his shoulder and fakes a cross while back heeling the ball past the defender!


Another genius who captained Argentina to world cup glory. The Maradona goal against England in the 1986 world cup goal is one of the all time greats. If you watch any Maradona videos you will realise he was a little box of soccer tricks as he could do almost anything with the ball and especially his magic left foot.

The history of Maradona is certainly complex but he is right up there with the very best, did you know he can do keepie ups with a golf ball ? How difficult would that be? Maradona could do any soccer trick!

Soccer moves are a joy to watch and all the players above played the game with a smile on their face and that's what soccer fans will gladly pay money to see!

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A Look At Italy Soccer

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Founded in 1898, the Italian Football League, also known as Italy soccer, is the highest football league in the country. Serie A, which began in 1929, is the top division of Italy Soccer and is primarily sponsored by Italian mobile phone company TIM. Prior to the inception of Serie A, Italy soccer was structured into regional groups. The championship title is commonly referred to as Scudetto, which means 'small shield' because the champions' uniforms will feature a small coat of arms during the following season. After more than 100 years of play, Italy soccer is at the height of it's popularity in both the eyes of the fans and in the media. As we know it today, Serie A is the most elite of all divisions in the Italian Football League. Other divisions include Serie B, Serie C1, Serie C2, Serie D and Eccellenza.

With an Italy soccer league consisting of 18, 18 or 20 teams, Serie A requires that each club play all other teams on two occasions, once at their home stadium and once at the home of their opponents. The first half of a traditional Italy soccer season consists of each team competing once against all of the other clubs. The second half of the season will consist of the same competitions in the same order, with the only difference being the location of the games.

When it comes to scoring, an Italy soccer team receives three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss. When it comes to tallying the points to see which club will be crowned as champion, teams are ranked according to their total points accumulated during the season. If two teams are found to have equal points at the conclusion of a season, those two teams will meet up in a one match playoff. The top four teams in the Serie A of Italy soccer will qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

Like the area itself, Italy soccer is rich in history and in tradition. With so many years of successful play, the competitors have set a number of records. As of September 2006, three players hold the record for most appearances. These include Paolo Maldini, Gianluca Pagliuca and Dino Zoff. The current records held for the oldest player appearance include Marco Ballotta and Dino Zoff. During the 2005-06 season, A.S. Roma set the record for most consecutive wins with a total of 11 straight victories. For additional information on Serie A and/or Italy soccer, fans may visit their official website at Current standings, news, updates, photos, historical profiles and league news is available online and is offered primarily in the Italian language. A professional design with colorful appeal make this a very popular website among Italy soccer fans. Soccer, itself, remains a popular sport throughout the world and is celebrated in many different countries. With legions of fans worldwide, it appears that soccer players will be kicking high for many years to come.

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Soccer Camps And International Tours

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Golden opportunity comes to young up and coming soccer players in the form of many national and international soccer camps and tours which gives them the opportunity to learn from retired professionals including former World Cup stars. It also allows talent scouts to view the next generation of players and pre-pick their future stars.

The most popular of these tours takes players to Brazil. Brazil is considered the leader in training professional soccer players due to their five consecutive World Cup wins. While the idea of sending their child to Brazil may strike fear in the hearts of many parents, they need not worry as their child is supervised 24 hours per day by their hosts, professional coaches, youth coaches, youth counselors and chaperones.

These camps and tours last from 7 days to 3 months. The longest give a solid introduction to the world of international soccer and enough time for improvement of skills. Other countries that provide excellent tours and camps are the United States, Germany, England, and Argentina.

These international camps are very different from their domestic counterparts. When one thinks of a ?soccer camp? often what comes to mind is the ideal version of a summer camp based around soccer. The international camps are run with the idea of creating professionals, this gives them a strictly boot camp atmosphere. While this design seems overdone to many a soccer Mom, it is a tested and proven method of turning out the best soccer players in world.

Some of the more elite soccer camps and tours may be prohibitive in their cost, but one can rest assured that not only are the players given the best instruction possible, most camps are all inclusive. These soccer filled weeks or months are often dreamed about and heartily welcomed days every young soccer player who wants to join the star studded international league imagines. There is also the chance that the player in your life can be picked up by one or more of the talent scouts and offered not only a position on a team, but also training with the very people who coach the World Cup teams.

Soccer aside, these camps offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for teenagers to experience the thrill of international travel while under the close eye of watchful adults who are there to help them grow as individuals and as athletes. has a great selection of clothing for everyone.

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Soccer And Basketball: The War Between The Two Of The Most Popular Sports

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Soccer and Basketball are currently considered to be the two of the most popular sports among the world?s population. Although Basketball was created in the United States, and Soccer in Europe, the two have become increasingly popular in both countries.

Both sports require the athletes to be in shape and fit, but endurance might be more important among soccer players, while exquisite skill is the more important factor in basketball. Many of the major differences between soccer and basketball are being subdued, due to the fact that basketball is becoming more and more popular in Europe, and soccer in the United States.

In the United States, most of the sports television broadcasts on network TV are of sports other than soccer. You generally need to have cable to catch a glimpse of a professional soccer game, and even then only a portion of the games are broadcast, compared to a majority of games of other sports. In Europe, soccer is a favorite pastime, and most of the games are broadcast over other sporting events such as basketball.

However, the United States is becoming more involved in the soccer world since they introduced the World Cup, and maybe the gap between football and futbol is finally diminishing. It is still more likely than not that more American?s, if asked to name 10 professional basketball players, then 10 professional soccer players, would have a much easier time naming the basketball players.

The fact still remains that American?s simply do not consider soccer to one of the traditional, all-American sports that it does football, basketball, and baseball. Regardless of the fact that soccer has been around and played for many, many years, much like the sports that are considered to be favorite pastimes in the United States, it just hasn?t been played religiously in the United States for individuals to simply give up our sports that consist mainly of players throwing balls, to players kicking balls instead.

It?s projected that within a few more years, the exposure of soccer in the United States, as well basketball in Europe and other countries, will begin to gain to popularity and respect as a sport well played by athletes who train just as hard as any other professional athlete. The media can help to play a huge role in broadening the horizons of soccer by simply making broadcasts of games more readily available and easier to access, as well as on other channels rather than only cable.

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