Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Improve Footwork Soccer Skills

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Anyone can improve footwork soccer skills by performing easy and simple footwork soccer drills.

Here's an example of a soccer drill to improve footwork soccer skills:

ZigZag Drill (speedwork)

Set up a series of five to seven cones, flags, or other objects as markers in a zigzag and mark the beginning and end of the course with two pylons at each end.

Step1: There should be five yards between the beginning of the course and the first zigzag marker, between each of the zigzag markers, and between the final zigzag marker and the end of the course.
Step2: Have two players run the course together.
Step3: When they start, they sprint to the each marker and they must touch beside the marker with their near foot (the left foot for P1 and the right foot for P2).
You can see a diagram of this drill here:

You can change the angle of the turn the players make by widening out the markers, so you can have them practice turning at more acute angles.

The ability of a player to change directions quickly is fundamental to the game of soccer and this will help them learn to adjust their stride to compensate for foot placement and turning. In this drill, they need to see every marker as a ball.

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