Sunday, March 4, 2012

Soccer Tricks

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Everyone loves Soccer tricks!

Ronaldinho the soccer player probably has the best soccer tricks in the game at the moment but it is worth checking out some other soccer players as their soccer moves are also outstanding. Brazil soccer fans will claim to have the most famous player in the world, Ronaldinho and there is no doubt he is a hard man to beat.

Here are some other players famous for their soccer tricks.....

George Best

The late George Best could do anything with a ball in his prime, indeed you would often think that the ball was tied to his foot with a piece of string! He had pace, skill and could play with both feet.


Brazil soccer fans have another hero in Pele ! The famous Pele scored over 1000 career goals and had a variety of soccer tricks to display. At the age of 17 he scored a wonderful goal in the 1958 world cup final when he beat 2 defenders and chipped the ball over their head to volley home!

And who could forget the famous " dummy" in the 1970 World cup finals when he fooled the goalkeeper!

Johan Cruyff

What a player the Dutch had in the majestic Johan Cruyff! He could anything with the ball and in his prime was part of the Dutch total football team who reached two consecutive world cup finals in 1974 and 1978 . Famous for the soccer trick called the "Cruyff" turn where he dips his shoulder and fakes a cross while back heeling the ball past the defender!


Another genius who captained Argentina to world cup glory. The Maradona goal against England in the 1986 world cup goal is one of the all time greats. If you watch any Maradona videos you will realise he was a little box of soccer tricks as he could do almost anything with the ball and especially his magic left foot.

The history of Maradona is certainly complex but he is right up there with the very best, did you know he can do keepie ups with a golf ball ? How difficult would that be? Maradona could do any soccer trick!

Soccer moves are a joy to watch and all the players above played the game with a smile on their face and that's what soccer fans will gladly pay money to see!

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