Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soccer Exercises - How To Kick Harder And Run Faster

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Here, let me share with you some of the effective soccer exercises that can help your players learn the skills to kick harder and run faster so that they could utilize every single opportunity coming their way to win the match. Explosive running speed and powerful kicks are something that you must help your team players acquire.

In soccer, if you want to make your contribution in the game, you need to get the ball and do something with it. This is where your running speed and powerful kicking skills come very handy. No one but a soccer coach can help the players sprint faster and kick harder and farther.

  • Making The Muscles Faster
  • It is not the strength of the muscles but the fact that how fast they are that determine how harder you can kick and how faster you can run. Running long distances or training for longer periods are some of the effective ways to make the muscles of your players faster. Some coaches train their players by instructing them to lift weights. Well, you must understand that lifting weights can make the muscles stronger, not faster.

  • Specific Training For Muscle Speed
  • This is something most coaches do not pay heed to. It is very important to organize specific training sessions where the players could only focus on making their muscles faster. One of the best ways to develop muscle speed is to use a program of isometric exercises with resistance bands. When you teach isometrics using the resistant band, it can develop blazing speed and quickness in your team players.

  • Abdominal Exercises
  • ? Normal sit-ups also make an ideal exercise. Keeping your abdomen fit and in good shape is very important and it will help the players run faster and kick the ball with more power. While the players are doing the normal sit-ups, make sure that they keep their chin off their chest.

    ? Another good abdominal exercise is to alternate elbows to knees. But, you have to count reps on one side only.

    ? Alternating hand to foot is another good abdominal exercise. In this exercise also, you have to count reps on one side only.

    Along with the above exercise, you can also have your players do straightforward cardiovascular training in the form of running, rowing and stepper's. However, when you are running the training sessions for soccer exercises, you must keep in mind that it is important to give the body a chance to rest and recover for key matches.

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