Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soccer DVDs Are The Best Gift For Your Soccer Fanatic

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After a weekend of soccer on TV, fans always spend days commenting, arguing and reviewing, especially very good games. In the modern world, a new fever has taken over, the DVDs. As DVDs have become very common, soccer DVDs couldn't be different, many soccer fans prefer watching a soccer DVD than to watch a movie. There are many DVDs related to soccer. The soccer DVDs are based on a series of subjects, such as a national team, a club, a player, for training purposes, on the World Cup, on the history of soccer, a special game and anything else related to soccer. Soccer games on computers and video games are also very famous because of the impact the sport has all over the world. There are games related to local championships, international championships, being club or national teams. Soccer fans are usually very keen on special things related to soccer, and therefore are always ready to watch soccer DVDs about their favourite player, club they support, national team, you name it.

It is common for fans to buy soccer related articles, especially items which relate to the club they support. Fans love to buy shirts, shorts, hats, socks, underwear, even towels and sheets, and soccer DVDs follows the same suit. Fans will buy soccer DVDs to watch, over and over, all details of a game, the biography of a famous player, the supported club?s history.

There are also a lot of soccer DVDs for training purposes. These are used especially for teaching youngsters who start in a school team or even a local club, for example. Quite a few famous players have their own soccer training DVDs as a way to promote the sport and encourage younger generations get to learn the sport technicalities.

Soccer DVDs portraying famous players and their careers are quite popular, especially on players such as Pel?, Maradona and Beckenbauer, these players in particular because they are considered the best players ever. A large number of soccer DVD titles related to Pel? and Maradona can be found all over the world.

Soccer DVDs showing famous games are very popular, especially classical games such as World Cup finals. Fans love to watch soccer DVDs about the classical games as these usually show different teams that played historical games.

A lot of soccer DVDs come in special collection, and usually are related to special occasions in the world of soccer, such as a club anniversary, or a special game, etc. Sometimes these soccer DVDs come together with a special magazine or article and are relatively cheap.

Soccer fans are soccer crazy and usually have at least one soccer related item in their homes and will pass their admiration of the sport on to their children. One of these items is definitively a soccer DVD. What more can a fan want than to be able to review a special game over and over again, and comment on every special play? What better way is there to eternalize the unique emotions of a game than by watching a soccer DVD?

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The Soccer Jersey - A Matter Of Identity

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Nothing identifies the game as much as the soccer jerseys. The jersey is probably the most important part of the uniform. It doesn?t matter if it's a club or national team; the soccer jersey is typical and unique of the game. One can tell if a person is using a soccer jersey from miles away, and it is used not only by soccer fans but also because a lot of the jerseys have nice designs and lines to them, which allows people to wear them in practically any occasion.

The soccer jersey has suffered a lot of changes over the years. In the beginning, the jerseys were made mostly out of cotton and were relatively thick in comparison to the modern ones. This was a disadvantage because when the players used to sweat the shirt would get heavier and stick to the body.

Old day soccer jerseys were quite simple as far as design goes, usually white or dark and had polo like collars to them with laces or buttons. Some people don?t know this, but the famous Brazilian yellow shirt we see today wasn?t always yellow. In fact, it was white with blue collars. This uniform was used until the famous defeat to Uruguay in 1950.

As the years went by, the soccer uniform developed together with the textile industry. Another reason is because the game became more and more popular and more and more competitive.

There was a point where the soccer jersey wasn't cotton anymore and started to be made with synthetic material. This made the jersey much lighter than the cotton ones and doesn't stick to the body as much as the cotton ones. Together with the material change, design changes were being made, especially the colors. Most jerseys still had polo like collars. The more modern soccer jerseys are made with special dry technology material that doesn?t get wet and doesn't stick to the player's body.

Nowadays, clubs and National teams use the soccer jersey for marketing strategies, with the name or logo of big companies on the shirt. Soccer fans in general buy a lot of soccer jerseys, especially the jersey with the club they support and their national team. Selling jerseys with the name of famous soccer players brings the sales up quite a lot, especially when these players are well wanted by the fans. It is very common to see jerseys with names like Ronaldinho, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Henry, Deco, Kak? and so many other famous players who are popular with the fans who support the teams they play for but also by soccer fans in general. The national soccer teams are also quite responsible for the selling of jerseys, especially the Brazilian, Argentine, German, Italian, English and French jerseys.

The soccer jersey manufacturers use a lot of marketing to sell their products and even come out with special edition jerseys and other marketing campaigns.

A soccer jersey isn't only a jersey, but it's an identity. It's the love of a fan towards the team he supports, it's like a second skin to some people.

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Soccer Shoes: A Stylish Kick

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The soccer shoes, known also as soccer boots are a very important part of the uniform and the game. As player's costumes have changed so much since the early days of the game, soccer boots have been through surprisingly few design changes in the last seventy years.

The evolution of boot development has been a conflict between protection from the climate and injury; against the freedom of limb movement to perform better. The improvement of the player's fitness has had a positive spin on soccer shoe development but these changes surprisingly appear to be more stylistic than anything else.

As soccer has become more glamorous the look has become more important than the desire to play better or decrease injury rates. It appears from the published literature there have been more injuries caused by soccer shoe innovations than appear to be resolved by new designs.

In the early years, soccer shoes were generally black and with higher cuts than the ones used today. The design evolutions of the shoes have become part of the game and as much an important item as the shorts or socks and almost as popular as the jerseys.

Players use special and customized soccer shoes made especially for them. The more significant changes to the shoes were that in the modern days the cut is lower, the color has changed. The shoes have become more comfortable and pretty much lighter than the old ones.

The old shoes were made out of leather with wooden cleats and leather soles. The newer soccer shoes are made out of leather or synthetic material, plastic or rubber soles and the cleats can be plastic, rubber, aluminum and even rubber or plastic and with the end made out of aluminum.

Some of the soccer shoes have changed the place of the laces and put them on the side of the shoes and some don't even have laces anymore. It is said that the change in the laces was so you could kick with more accuracy.

Players and soccer shoe manufacturers also use the shoes for marketing purposes, with special edition shoes, different color shoes, even autographed shoes. There are infinite different colors for soccer shoes. From plain black to golden with special details, or with, two, three even four colors combined.

Comfort is a very important issue for the soccer shoes. A pair of uncomfortable soccer shoes can cause serious blistering. Usually new soccer shoes need to be broken in so that they adapt to the format of the foot to prevent the blisters.

However, with new technologies, comfort is constantly improving and eventually one will be able to put a new pair of soccer shoes on, play a game and not have any blisters.

Even though the design of the soccer shoes hasn't changed much in the last seventy years, the design is quite different from the first soccer shoes. Technology has changed the feel of the shoes and the weight of these that were once very heavy.

For good playing, soccer depends a lot on the quality of the soccer shoes worn. Professional and amateur players love to be different by using an uncommon color and designed soccer shoes.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Maradona 7 - A Classic Soccer Trick

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Diego Armando Maradona invented this very soccer trick in the early 1980s in one of the Argentine Clausura soccer matches at half time.

He combines a set of juggling soccer skills starting from left foot to right foot, then left knee to right knee, then left shoulder to right shoulder and finally heading the ball to complete the whole sequence.

Each part benefits for both freestyle soccer and in any kind of soccer matches like futsal:


The single most important part that improve your touches which allows you to apply other soccer skills and tricks like dribbling, foot plant, volley and so on.


Normally used to control in a long ball situation and juggle while moving with the ball.


Less beneficial in a soccer match but very useful in freestyle soccer. Plant, juggle or transfer from shoulder to shoulder or shoulder to head.


Useful for both in freestyle soccer and in a soccer match. A difficult skill to master that requires maximum concentration on the center of the ball and great balance to avoid the ball from falling.

These skills may sound simple but improves your overall ball control, coordination and balance which makes you less vulnerable to lose the ball or possession during an important soccer match.

As for those who are interested in freestyle soccer. Maradona 7 is a good starting point for newbies in the game before trying out the harder tricks like Around the World.

A soccer skill that's worth mastering for both newbies and professionals which in my opinion, the most fundamental skill in the world of soccer.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soccer Uniform, Colors In Play

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Nothing is more important for a soccer fan, than his team's colors and badge. In the soccer uniform, the club's badge is on the chest, placed close to the heart.

In the nineteenth century, soccer uniforms had long sleeved shirts and they used knickerbockers that covered the knees in place of the shorts used today, and long socks.

When television was black and white, the color of the soccer uniforms were very important, when one team played in light uniforms the other team had to play in dark. In this way, viewers could tell which team was which, and also the players were able to tell where their team mates were on the field. The basic soccer uniform is made up of shirts (jerseys), shorts, socks and shoes.

The goalkeeper has a slightly different uniform from the rest of the team; the jersey has to be a different color as he is the only one allowed to use his hands in the game. The difference in the goalkeeper's uniform is necessary so that viewers and players can easily recognize which player he is. The goalkeepers usually use special gloves for defending the ball.

The referee and his assistants also need different color uniforms so that they aren't mistaken for any other player in the field. Players also use protections such as shin pads which can also be included as part of the uniform.

Before uniforms were made of heavy material, when wet with sweat or rain, they would stick to the player's body. Nowadays, soccer uniforms are made from light synthetic material that doesn't stick when wet and doesn't weigh as much as the old uniforms.

The design of the soccer uniforms was quite different in the old days compared to today?s design. The shirts had a collar similar to a polo shirt, with laces or buttons on them. In the more modern uniforms the collars are something like modern T-shirts. The shorts today are very different from the ones used in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, quite shorter and much lighter than before. The socks are quite the same today, but some socks have a few details like lines, the club badge or name.

Today, there are quite a few famous uniforms, like the Brazilian national team, which are famous all over the world, especially among the youngsters. The use of these uniforms as a marketing strategy has become quite common and pretty effective, with sponsors on club or national uniforms.

The amount of official replica soccer uniforms sold is quite big due to marketing campaigns, the passion of the fans towards their national team or the club they support. The uniform manufacturers also use the name of famous players to sell more. Names like Ronaldinho, Beckham, and Zidane are very much used so that more and more uniforms are sold.

The clubs invest highly in marketing their own brand name and their players' names as a way of popularizing the brand and the club or national team. Some clubs and national teams make special editions of their uniforms for important games or anniversaries.

The use of soccer uniforms in marketing has helped the main brands of sports clothes and these uniforms, especially the jerseys are used by young people to go out to parties, going to shopping centres and even on dates.

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